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GOoD Old Time

Published January 22, 2015 by Murk Shaikh

illinois-early-childhoodSometimes the only thing we require is a “Break”. Break from this so called boring routine of waking up early in the morning, going to school/college/office, and coming back tired and exhausted

. I always heard our elders say that As we grow up it becomes more and more complicated. Being a kid at that time I always wanted to grow up, but now that I know that how it turns out to be to actually be a grown up is so PATHETIC!!!

I miss MY evenings spent with my childhood friends, playing and playing different games like hide and seek and making doll houses. Putting beautiful clothes on them visiting places and many more.

Life was so simple, there was no burden of upcoming tests, exams, stressful life,no hospital duties no responsibilities. No planning of future lives which is really difficult.

There was no hatred, jealousy or double standards, we all were what we looked like. people were not plastics. I feel like kids today don,t have that beauiful time as we used to have, Life is moving more towards materialism.

Hoping to grow up as a child was the most stupidest thing that I wanted. Life has moved like upside down, I wish i had that reverse button in my life to go back to that time and enjoy every moment of it.:!!!