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“Roller Coaster”

Published September 28, 2013 by Murk Shaikh

“Life is like a roller coaster, It has its ups and down, But it,s your choice to either Scream or Enjoy the Ride Be Positive:)”

Every person in this world goes through some kind of ups and down but its up to us how we are going to deal with different issues, either we take it positive or negative.We always look at people around envying their lives thinking that all the problems are just designed for us and others are having such a fantastic lives but Actually the truth is They have guts to tackle their issue and keep them into them only and some people just cannot handle with their issues and complaint all of their lives cursing on their fate.

We go thought different sayings and quotation showing us the positive side of things but sometimes all this is not as easy as we think, when you are in extreme depression and you feel helpless, these lines just become ineffective, and as long as you have that kind of feelings you will feel that way, then maybe after sometimes things come back to normal, we start thinking and looking at positive side of the picture.

Most of the time we actually don’t look in the mirror, we don’t look at ourselves all we can see is other people,s fault, their behavior, their bad attitude, the mistakes that they make, why don’t we look at ourselves, what if other people,s bad behavior is associated with your own self, what if they are behaving that way as a reaction of what you have been doing. How easy it is to point out other people,s flaws, to count them on your fingers and completely neglecting your own flaws. 

SO We must correct ourselves before we correct others.!! And we really are in a roller Coaster.. I hope We all enjoy our ride.!

Have a wonderful Ride:)