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Physiology Ospe

Published November 8, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

” I know i m no more good at physiology but, i m glad i m still known there”

That is what i have bee thinking the time i left and came out of the exam room. My heart was beating very fast the time i entered inside this exam room. i felt like I m forgetting everything althought i had studied alot. 

I dont know why but this time i feel like my physio is not going fine this time, maybe i m unable to build the concepts or what.

When i finished exam one of the teachers said ” Murk you are an exceptional student” dont worry i know you,ll do it. i felt very good at that time but i feel guilty that i m unable perform as good as i used to do previously. My paper also wasnt tht good:(

Viva exam was pretty good, i m so glad tht Sir azhar remembers my roll number. when i told him that i m not prepared well he said You are Face of physiology:P

i was like Woww:D 

i hope to perform good in the first professional exam and come upto the expectations of my teachers:)