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What Do They Say about Transplant

Published April 14, 2013 by Murk Shaikh

Organ transplantation is probably an issue which preoccupy people’s minds the most about religious points of view on the subject of diseases and cure.
This must be one of the alarming issue in the field of medicine, I being in my second year of medicine yet don’t have much exposure about surgery or transplants or any issues raised against them, So it was quite surprising when our teacher taking his usual weekly class said that it is the most controversial issue in the field of medicine.
Before Attending that I had no Idea what our Society say about “Transplantation” , Is it permissible or it Should not be? Our islamiat Teacher usually discusses the issues that we can come across in our practical life, So on that day he was delivering a lecture Regarding “Amaanat” he told that life given to us is also an Amaanat, we have to take care of itself and we have no right to end it by our own choice, in the same way we cannot Donate our body parts to anyone because on the day of Judgment human beings are resurrected along with the body and soul.
Its true but that organ transplantation is not directly related to resurrection; or more properly that organ transplantation has got nothing to harm the belief of resurrection because the transplanted organ is going to be returned to its real owner. Actually, it does not prevent organs to be resurrected with their real owners even though they decayed under soil, burnt to ashes, or eaten by animals. As a matter of fact, the Quran states that one’s organs are going to be gathered together with the slightest details in the hereafter (al-Qiyamah 75:34).
I researched more about that topic and I came to know that,
There is not any direct verse or Hadith clearly saying whether it is haram or halal, but there were certain conferences held in different countries by the scholars and they say “it depends upon the issues and conditions” Organ transplantation is allowed only if we satisfy the three conditions they are:
1. The person who receives the organ his/her life will be saved and only if the life is in danger then it’s allowed.
2. The person donating the organ should not do it for economic reasons
3. After the person donates his organ it should not cost his life.
As there are certain organs in the body if we don’t have them we don’t lose our life like Kidneys, a person has two kidneys then he can donate his one kidney to someone whose both kidneys are failed to save his life. But there are certain organs like Heart after donation the donor cannot live so it is not permissible to donate a Heart of a living person. So, This clearly proves that organ transplantation can be
Permissible if we fulfill the conditions applied to it.