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“Chal Parha”

Published March 4, 2013 by Murk Shaikh

I would like to pay tribute to Shahzad Roy for his reality show “Chal Parha”. It was first  aired on 8th February 2013, It had such a wonderful start that it captured my attention at once.

The unique thing about the show is, it not only tells you about the hundreds of issues running around us unresolved, but it also has the solution to the highlighted problems. We must encourage these kind of efforts, usually the reality shows are  disappointing making you more depressed about the current situation of our country but it actually appeals us to start from the beginning.

The major issue right now that i actually figured out after watching this show is lack of proper Education. If we ask a common civilian he,ll say the current problems are:




crime, terrorism

bomb blast


But the root cause of all these issues is lack of proper education, most of the children about 90% of them from the very beginning of their life have been deprived of the infrastructure. School life is the time period of   character and personality build up, what ever children see around them they are going to adopt it in their lives later on. If someone has seen their teachers beating them, they think beating and killing is the only solution to their problem. So this is how we are making our youth warm blooded and short tempered.

Secondly crimes are so common that we have lost the sense of feeling, if people are killed we feel nothing, until or unless it  happens in our own house.

We must start to fix the root cause of all these issues and everyone of us will have to stand up and rise. I really like the lines in one of the episodes of chal parha that:

” A country is not prosperous if every middle class person has his own car, but a country is prosperous when the richest person starts to travel by Public transport”

We have divided our country into sections of poor, middle class, upper middle class and elite class. We must come out of that act of discrimination, why does a poor boy goes to governement school and a rich to private schools, why don,t we make all the schools of equal level that  poor people dont feel any kind of complexes and they grow in same environment as all others.  In this way we,ll eliminate the bomb blast, terrorism, poverty and all other issues. Because the terrorist of today are those who have gone trough some bitter circumstances in their lives, whatever we are today is the reflection of our past experiences.

I will conclude saying thanks to shahzad roy for such a good job!!