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Problems are Blessings

Published January 18, 2014 by Murk Shaikh

” You must be thinking that i might have lost my mind that i m saying problems are blesings. But they actually are whenever we dont have any problems and  are we are living a happy life we engage our selves . we are so much engaged that we forget Allah subhanuatAllah… then again when something wrong suddenly happens to us we remember him. We immediately rush towards HIm for help:)

For example if someone hurts us then we realize that Allah pak is the one who is never going to hurt us, or sometimes if we unintentionally commit a mistake or disobey our boss at Work he definitely insults us infront of the whole staff and we realize that we have been disobeying Allah pak from a long time and He didnt even insult us or made us feel Bad, beshak He is one who is REHMAN AND RAHEEM. He is the one who always forgives us no matter ho badly we have been in our past. And after forgiving He never mentions that how he forgave us when we were full of sins. 

In this way i consider problems to be as a blessing too, it  depends upon us whether we consider them to be a blessing or a curse. We should try to be closer to Him instead of forgetting Him:)

May Allah pak shows us the right path Ameen.