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Purpose of life

Published October 12, 2013 by Murk Shaikh

What is life? What is its purpose? Why are we sent in this world?  These are the questions that every person at least once in his life cares to think.

Are we sent in this world  just to enjoy? Are we sent in this world to grow up become something make a career and then get married have kids and after 70 or 80 years of age Die.

Is this all? That’s it? Most of us don’t realize what the real purpose is. We are in a rush, everybody wants to get success, everyone is running after money, the ultimate purpose of everybody’s life is so make their life more and more comfortable.? But this is all worldly stuff.? Do we care to think about the things that come after Death?

Have we cared to think about the pain of Death, the feeling of nothingness? How many of us are living our lives according to Quran and Sunnah. We keep on committing mistakes, hurting others, conspiring, lies, music, T.v we are doing everything that we are asked not to do? We think that whatever happens it only happens in this world we don’t actually believe in the things that come after this.

It,s time to wake up, it is time to realize that these things are not permanent, after sometime they are going to end and we should care about the things that are permanent. The things that don’t have any expiry date.

We must not forget that this life is an Exam, whatever we do today we will be questionable for our each and every Act.

“This world is a vehicle for you. If you drive it, it will deliver you to your destination. If it drives you, you will be destroyed.”

May Allah pak give us hidaayah and shows us the right path.! AmeenJ



Published October 4, 2013 by Murk Shaikh

Selfishness…?? Sounds bad right? But its something that is  found inside everyone, Some people show it and some people are wiser enough to hide it inside them. There are very few people who live for others who do good to others without any personal intentions or greed. At times we all become selfish.

Selfishness is part of Human nature, every person in this world thinks of his own sake before giving a thought to other persons lives. Lets take several examples of selfishness:

1. We students are selfish, because we always look for a reward in return, How many of us will study with same hard work and enthusiasm if we knew that we are going to get nothing in return, we wont get good jobs, or we wont live a good life style.

2. We offer our prayers and demand things from Allah pak, sometimes when we start thinking that Allah doesnt answer our prayers we stop praying, forgetting all the countless blessing that we already have and donot realize their worth untill we lose them

3. Parents, they are also falling in the same category because parents take care of the kids, provide them with all the facilities, provide them good food, education and groom them, but their purpose is also the same that when they,ll grow up they will take care of them when they are old.

these were just a few examples of it, We are good to others because we want them to be good to us too, it becomes very difficult to be good with those who are bad to you. isn’t it?

But still we should try our best to think for others too, because it is something that can make your inner happy more than anything else!!!:)