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Sometimes i think..

Published January 29, 2012 by Murk Shaikh


Sometimes I think, About the distinctions people get.


Sometimes I think about the awards people get,


Then a thought comes in  my mind,


Are they restricted to academics only?


Are they restricted to sports only?


What about the people who are honest and kind?


What about the people who are straight and nice?


What about the people who are caring and keen.?


What about the people who dedicate and devote.?


Are they not the ones worth of awards,


Are they not the ones who to be honored.


Sometimes I think about the people and awardsJ



My first Poem

Published January 29, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

Late at night i think, and think

If I was a baby smiling and laughing,

If  I was the one who is giggling and enjoying.

If I was the one who had no worries,

If I was the one cared and pampered,

If I was the one honored and wanted.

Late at night I think and think.

If I had my friends talking and teasing,

If I had the things I have been wanting and longing

If I was a baby smiling and laughing.

“One of the big problems”

Published January 28, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

” Today i am going to write about parenting, its not only raising the children and providing them food and shelter, there are so many responsibilities that come under this Profession. Yes profession because i call it a full time job and failure to accomplish it is like failure in any job/field.

Some times i feel like people don,t raise children they run horses. The more you run the more you will be honoured. Todays, children are involved in so many unethical things, they lack confidence, they are selfish, they lack the bacis characterstics of human, they lack the prior knowledge of religion. Why is it so? ever thought? Its because of the lack of attention parents give to their children. They don,t teach them to live confidently in this world by justice, equality and corruption free system.”Image

I Think its the parenting that is going to make a persenolity negative or positive. That is going to make people good or bad, that is going to make them confident or dull.”

Thats all.

Boring Weekend.

Published January 21, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

Well its KInda Boring, Nothing to do except writting a Blog, I have been ill from last two days, on bed rest… Suffering from fever, flu, cough, pain and what left?:P There are so many things to do so many assignments left undone:( I m gettin worried…… Hoping to Get well soon:)Image

I m really tired of sleeping all day:(

Arfa Kareeem

Published January 15, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

Arfa Kareem We,ll Miss you….. Last night that news just came, i didnt take much notice because people come and go, they live and die and these news are so frequent that we don,t feel them much….. Next morning when i listened a programme on FM, it made me cry:(It was for a tribute to arfa Kareem….I didnt know about that little princess.. Her speech, her interviews are so inspiring and her speech was so Mature. She was different and Blessed with a Gift……I m still unable to stop thinking of her.. Life is just unpredictable. We talk about the people who die, we mourn for them but after few days they are gone. Same is going to happen with us with me.. I was wondering if Arfa kareem is going to go out of ppl,s mind eventually then I m just Nothing then Will there be anyone who,ll even think of me after my death? Thats a painful fact..Really impressed by the Strenght, thoughts and confidence of that girl.May She rests in Peace Aaameen……..Image