Medicine Ward (fourth year)

Published April 18, 2015 by Murk Shaikh

Field of Medicine is Love sometimes, and best thing about being in student life is You can make mistakes they are excused,If you don’t know every word and every single detail of diseas then that’s fine and acceptable after all you are in the stage of learning.

I am posted in Medicine ward and i m going to share couple of experiences that I had and

i m going to remember always:)

1. We were in the Medicine ward and one of the Teachers asked us to take the histories, and we were suppose to take them individually. So i went to a patient He was really old around 80 years He was suffering from CA Prostate. I started to ask questions regarding his illness starting from Bio data and presenting complaints. He told me about his details of his symptoms. When i Started to ask about the past history He told me that He had TURP. i was quite surprised as i heard that word for the first time. I asked him what is TURP?? he told me that TURP is Trans urethral resection of Prostate And its a surgical procedure in which you remove some tissue of the gland. I was quite surprised that few of the patients know alot even more than doctors regarding their diseases, they have searched so much about it Thanks to GOOGLE ofcourse that they become the perfect teacher for medical students. As it is said that patient is the best teacher, I totally agree with it.

2. Again in the Medicine ward we were taking the round when there was patient suffering from Increased uric acid level. On inquiry he said that there was a stone stucked in his Unirnary passage. There was an optical Urethrogram in his files, me and my friend were discussing that and looking at the constriction, when he said Can i explain this to you? we agreed and he told us that how the stone was stucked and when it was removed it caused damage to surrounding mucosa producing fibrous bands and those fibrous bands produced strictures blocking the passage of urine and how he got operated by removal of those fibrous bands by endoscopic knife.

3. A patient suffering from cervical sponylotic myelopathy, we were taking the ward round when he said Doctor Do u know there is a Treatment to my problem? and we said What is that? he said it is PRP (platelate rich plasma) all you need to do is to take the patient,s blood centrifuge it and inject it in the intervertebral spaces it is going to release certain cytokines that provide strength to your vertebra and it,s quite successful in United states.

Again this was surprising because many of the patients here are not well aware enough about their problems they dont know how and what to do to maintain their health, I was really happy to see that they know enough about their problems and they know how to deal with it. We always see on T.v and read in newspapers that the health condition of our country is not so good.Kids are dieing because they are not vaccinated properly, we are among those countries who have failed to eradicate POLIO yet, but looking at the positive side we also have people who along with being educated are well awared of themselves.

If we educate our people properly and provide them with proper treatment along with counselling and telling them about their disease, we can make them better. By education doesnt mean that we need to send our people to expensive schools, colleges and universities,our job will be fulfilled if we properly inform and give a little time to our patients and explain to them what is wrong with them and how they can prevent themselves.

I hope to see this change in every person around….:)



Published April 6, 2015 by Murk Shaikh

I Dream Of The Princes Who is Nice and Kind
WHo takes me to places that i want to be mine.

who comes on a white horse, and takes me along,
takes my sorrows and never bring them back,

I dream of THe prince that i read in books,
WHen i tell my friends they think i m fool,

But they dont know that I am a girl,
Who lives in a small fantasy world.

WHere world is so beautiful and green,
Just like the world that i see in my dream.

I Dream Of the prince who will surely come
take me away to my fantasy world!!!

GOoD Old Time

Published January 22, 2015 by Murk Shaikh

illinois-early-childhoodSometimes the only thing we require is a “Break”. Break from this so called boring routine of waking up early in the morning, going to school/college/office, and coming back tired and exhausted

. I always heard our elders say that As we grow up it becomes more and more complicated. Being a kid at that time I always wanted to grow up, but now that I know that how it turns out to be to actually be a grown up is so PATHETIC!!!

I miss MY evenings spent with my childhood friends, playing and playing different games like hide and seek and making doll houses. Putting beautiful clothes on them visiting places and many more.

Life was so simple, there was no burden of upcoming tests, exams, stressful life,no hospital duties no responsibilities. No planning of future lives which is really difficult.

There was no hatred, jealousy or double standards, we all were what we looked like. people were not plastics. I feel like kids today don,t have that beauiful time as we used to have, Life is moving more towards materialism.

Hoping to grow up as a child was the most stupidest thing that I wanted. Life has moved like upside down, I wish i had that reverse button in my life to go back to that time and enjoy every moment of it.:!!!


Published December 16, 2014 by Murk Shaikh


Unable to Control my tears, it,s hard to believe that my country, my own homeland is turning into a place where there is no humanity only a place full of Monsters.

Today whatever happened in Peshawer Army Public School was Really Something out of limits. Its like this place is no more worth living, And People (so called Taaliban) behind this are worst than monsters. I wonder what they are going to get in return ? Their life and hereafter both are ruined totally.

They haven’t killed only those innocent kids but they have literally killed the whole humanity today, what kind of rivalry those psychotics could have for innocent kids? What kind of pleasure have they got by all this bullshit.

I Wonder are they going to be same senseless as they are now when their own blood, their own kids, parents or loved ones are going to be killed like this.

This needs to be stopped now, something has to be done we have to stop this place from being invaded by those monsters. Please someone do something and stop this, this is too much suffocating.

132 innocent lives, future of our nation making me speechless.

We are not safe we are never safe, we cannot send our kids to schools, we are not sure whether they are going to return or not, what kind of place do we own, what is the use of having a separate nation/country when they cannot even provide shelter.

Do we need to stop sending kids to school? Is this what they want to make us illiterate and die.


“Feelings, can it be Same?”

Published October 28, 2014 by Murk Shaikh

I have been thinking about that for period of time, thinking it over and over again couldn’t make out whether  feelings can be same or not, at one moment i thought yes they can be and on other i was completely denying it.

We come across different people in our life, some of them become our best buddies, some of them are good to get along, some of them are like friends forever, but what if a person whom you consider your closed one, suddenly hurts you so badly that you are unable to get on and lose that so called “trust” that you, used to have on people.

For the time being it seems that we have brought things back to normal, we try to forget it and move on but we cannot build that level of trust again on the same person that we used to have, even we become kind of fragile, and start doubting about every other person around.

This is how life is, that is how feelings cannot be the same again, so we must be very careful in dealing with our close ones and should try not to hurt them so badly that they feel it hard to get back on.

Your words can hurt someone more than you intended too and therefore it is important that you take a moment to think before you speak, no matter your mood. Words are expensive; once they are said they cannot be taken back. Chose your words wisely or else it can become costly to you.

We can sometimes forget the words but we can never forget the way they made us feel!!!!

Your opinion will be appreciated:)

Sha’baan: Misconceptions and Realities

Published June 13, 2014 by Murk Shaikh

Daughters of Eve


Posted By Islamic Online University on Jun 12, 2014

Growing up in Pakistan, the month of Sha’baan would bring in a lot of excitement and celebration. And that was because celebrating the night of the fifteenth of Sha’baan was a big thing and considered a very virtuous act, indeed. Men would gather in the masjid while the women prepared ‘Halwas’ and sweets, preparations were made for all night vigils or “Shabeenas” as they were called, buses were made available to take the men to visit the graveyards and flyers were distributed to everyone containing a long list of ‘special prayers’ so that they could stay up all night praying.

But, Alhamdulillaah, how Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’ala protects His Deen. When Allaah enabled me to study this beautiful religion of ours, all that changed. I realized that all those ‘special prayers’, all those night vigils, all those Halwas and all those…

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Problems are Blessings

Published January 18, 2014 by Murk Shaikh

” You must be thinking that i might have lost my mind that i m saying problems are blesings. But they actually are whenever we dont have any problems and  are we are living a happy life we engage our selves . we are so much engaged that we forget Allah subhanuatAllah… then again when something wrong suddenly happens to us we remember him. We immediately rush towards HIm for help:)

For example if someone hurts us then we realize that Allah pak is the one who is never going to hurt us, or sometimes if we unintentionally commit a mistake or disobey our boss at Work he definitely insults us infront of the whole staff and we realize that we have been disobeying Allah pak from a long time and He didnt even insult us or made us feel Bad, beshak He is one who is REHMAN AND RAHEEM. He is the one who always forgives us no matter ho badly we have been in our past. And after forgiving He never mentions that how he forgave us when we were full of sins. 

In this way i consider problems to be as a blessing too, it  depends upon us whether we consider them to be a blessing or a curse. We should try to be closer to Him instead of forgetting Him:)

May Allah pak shows us the right path Ameen.