“Glimpse of NeuroSurgery”

Published August 27, 2017 by Murk Shaikh

Well, So life goes on, so is mine and i have landed in Surgery rotation of my internship. Amongst all the rotations that i have, I never wanted to choose neurosurgery. I remember i have been trying to exchange it with others and i was ready to accept anything in exchange except Orthopedics.

Now i m glad that i got no one who could exchange this rotation. I think this has been one of the best rotations  after pediatrics. I have met really excellent people over here, learnt a lot and had a really good time, with one of the very nice person Ayesha:)

So on 3rd of July when i joined it, i was really scared, i heard alot about this rotation that it is one of the toughest and challenging. But things were not so bad i think during this period of two months. I had few of the very best times like.

I was called in OR, i m not a surgery kind of person, people say you only belong to medicine and specifically to pediatrics:P  Hahahah i dont know why do they think like this may be i m not strong like surgery people. Anyways i was called in OR for the very first time and my senior said, Murk Will do Burr Hole today… I was nervous and excited too. But when i did it, it was the best feeling i must say…Firs t they asked to carry that drill machine like thing and feel it properly, so i kept my feet onthe paddle and went in.

When the brain was exposed. My consultant asked me “Murk Have you ever touched human brain before” I said No Sir:P. He said Go and touch.. Hahahah so i went there put my finger.. lol.  Every body was treating me like a small girl who has come to play or something….:DSo That was one of the best days. I was so so so Happy ..

Second time i went to OR when one of the junior residents was on  leave, i was scrubbed and i assisted my senior resident in Laminectomy. I assisted him from the beginning till end and it was really amazing looking through the microscope different parts of spine. They were looking very beautiful hahahahaha…. And then consultant said don,t let Murk See too much in the microscope otherwise she will pursue  surgery in future…

And then other happy moment was when we had a very young patient, she underwent two surgeries, she stayed for almost 22 days in the hospital. She was reluctant to get up from bed or sit on chair. My senior asked me to make her go out on wheel chair, I talked to her, convinced her to go out. She finally agreed to go out. And she was happy the next day. I told my senior that i made her go out. He brought chocklates for me:D That was so sweet.

Well, I didnt always have the happy moments over here, there were some times when i did some blunders too, I was really panicky when i mistakenly removed the Canula of a patient when i was asked to remove the CVP.. lol i was so much scared that i m going to be scolded so badly. But surprisingly my senior covered the mistake and luckily patient,s peripheral line was maintained and she could go home on I/V canula.:P

There were also few other mistakes that i did, which better not need to be mentioned, hahahahha because if i do over here i will be screwed.:P

So Neurosurgery has given me one of the best memories. Best times and best people to work with. I got the best seniors too who have always been kind to me. And it is not necessary that if something is giving bad time to one person does same to you:)

I think i will miss it. Specially all the silly things i did.







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