Private wing (3rd Month)

Published April 1, 2017 by Murk Shaikh

So I m moving forward, third month is over in private wing internal medicine, I had a really good time there too, I still remember, on 28th Feb 2017 i was sitting in paeds on call room, saying good bye to all great people i worked with in pediatrics, when i got a page from my future senior resident, i replied to it, i was holding back my tears, it was really hard for me to leave paeds and move on to internal medicine, I really wasn’t liking that i wont come here again and will have to work in “Private wing”.

He (My senior resident) told me about the patients that we are going to have, he asked to come earlier, because we had to discharge patients, i asked him to guide me the way to private wing, as i didn’t know about it, stupid of me:P he told me but i didn’t understand what he guided me through:p. I really didn’t like his call at that time, because i didn’t want to leave paeds and move on to internal medicine, not knowing that i will be missing private wing too in coming days, Of course i m not missing it as much as i missed paeds, i cried for paeds, whereas i m not crying for wing:P

So when i went there on first day, everything looked so strange to me, no voice page in wing, things were totally different from floor, no work load as such, we had very few patients initially, not more that 2 to each one of us, whereas i was used to of having so many patients on the floor, people used to say you should be thankful that you dont have patients in wing whereas it was so boring for me.

I had few good events and some bad events too here, well the best thing that happened to me was, i had a patient who had metstatic disease with unknown primary, she went for liver biopsy, i went along with her, when she came back from biopsy, she was in so much pain, i entered her PARA, when she reached in room, i asked staff to give that to her in STAT, staff said, let it come from pharmacy, she was in pain, i ran to pharmacy and brought it for her, which was really a simple act, but she got it and her pain was relieved, so the family thanked me alot for that, although whatever i did was just something that i should be doing, our priority is patient comfort, i could not leave her in pain and wait for pharmacy to dispense it. So, next when we were on round, they specially appreciated me infront of my Senior resident and then while leaving they personally asked if they can be of any help to me, i have been telling them that it was all my responsibility but it was so nice of them.:)

I also had few bad experiences, people have been telling me that when you are working in wing, you just have to counsel patients because they are coming with protocols, so you have consider them all the time, and most of the time they call us uselessly, judge their doctors of how much they know, some people are rude enough to come and shout on the counter, shout out loud. So, sometimes i felt like there shouldn’t be anything like wing, we should treat people equally, why do we have to be so much status conscious all the time? We had a VVIP patient, who asked for paracetamol and it was delayed for sometime because it takes some time to come from pharmacy and processing, so they were so much angry at us, senior resident apologized personally which i really didn’t like, I think we should start treating everyone equally so that people with a very big list of references also learn to be patient, and consider themselves like other common people.

Anyways, I had a really good time at private wing too, specially i liked it when my senior resident said “Murk is my best Intern”, i dont know how much he meant it, but it really matters to me alot,I also liked it when he appreciated me in front of other people saying that she is very good in a way that whatever i say she doesn’t repeat her mistake , i tried my best to be honest with my work, and tried to do it on time.

I m hoping for the best for the month of April,  hope i m going to enjoy on the floor:)

SO yes i m back to floor but not of pediatrics, this time its adult medicine:)


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