Published February 11, 2017 by Murk Shaikh

“Well its totally a random pick, random thoughts and random feelings;P”

Love, what it is like to fall in love, We never know, we can never feel, until or unless we have been through this at some point. People say it is okay to have feelings for someone it is natural but how do we actually know that we are in real kind of love, not a timely attraction.?

This is the confusion that remains, there is no criteria to differentiate whether it s the actual one or not.I wish if there was something like that:P.I have seen people going crazy, crying and crying, immersed in emotions, i think it always hurts, it leaves you crippled, your mind freezes and you are no more a normal person.

My description of love is quite abnormal, but this is what i personally think, and it is even weird, when you fall in love with a person who is only being nice with you, who has a little sympathy for you, we take it as something else, knowing that we are wrong and fall for it, this is the worst feeling and it hurts a lot.

Well, when you are being nice, just be that nice that other person doesn’t misunderstand your feelings and fall for it.

Falling in love is one the stupid things…. Keep me saved plzzzz….




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