Hypothyroid associated myopathy:P

Published February 11, 2017 by Murk Shaikh

Well Hypothyroid Associated myopathy is something that i will never forget in my life>>>>:P  I was given this topic to present in PCM that is conducted at the end of each week in pediatric department. I was very much tensed, confused, worried and what not.

It was a new platform for me, i have just joined this place 40 days back, i remember how i used to get confused in presenting CPC and Journal Club back in my Medical College. I used to eat my friends head until it was presented.

Anyways i started preparing for that, and my seniors helped me a lot in preparing this, We knew that this is a little challenging topic and we are to be questioned about it, anyways so the Friday came and i had my call on the same day, so i had double tension of presenting in PCM and having Call.

My presentation was the last one, i was very much confused in the beginning and as i went on i  did well, the best thing about this place, people are so nice here that they encourage alot and they really appreaciate you all the time at your efforts , and everything.

I think i presented it well, but they appreciated me alot even more than what i presented, some of the them personally came and appreciated. I also received an appreciation mail and some text messages.

Although i know i m a very bad presenter, I have stage fright and i m not so good at public speaking but they liked it and that is quite surprising for me, at Question answer part i really couldnt respond well, infact i really sucked at that, even then everybody appreciated and that was one of the best days of my internship at paediatric deparment:)

I am really lucky to have these kind of people to work with.


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