Published January 27, 2017 by Murk Shaikh

Well it seemed a little difficult to work in at a place that is completely new, only people around are bunch of strangers, and You have no idea about your work, so yes things were little in the beginning but as we spent time we got to know about it, and i started to like it gradually, the best thing about working as an intern is you always have a margin to try and make mistakes, because it is just the baby step towards your career,as we level up our responsibilities increase and our margin to make mistakes goes on decreasing.

I remember i was really nervous on my first call, as we didnt have any calls during our student life, we just had our evening clinics till 9 and thats it, so i was nervous and w anted to go home so much , and it was my first day at work, first call ever….:p it didnt start so good, i was supposed to go with a tiny baby for CT scan to radiology, just in case if anything happens or i dont know what, anyways i went there and when  they started to ask about baby,s allergies, weight and all, i had no clue if i m suppose to know this so i told them to check the file or ask parents:P WHICH IS SO STUPID OF ME, anyways and then the baby was not sedated she was moving and it was making them hard to perform CT,they were kind of being annoyed i guess, well it started off not so good, but it ended well, because everybody knew we are new so we got the advantage of being new to system, didnt had so much to do….

My first month as an intern has been one of the exciting months, i have made some silly mistakes, but this is how we learn right? And i have got really good seniors to work with, it could have been really difficult to get used to that, so many people quit it, i m sure it is very difficult to manage when you dont have any one to take care of things.

And I have also got really good friends , in the beginning i missed my old friends alot, i reallly didnt like to get separated from them, but this is how life is, we cant be with them always:( but then after sometime i got some really nice new firends and life became a little easier.

Bad thing about it is we dont get our “ME time”, there is just one long weeekend that we get in a month, so i have been kind of disconnected from family and things happening in the world, alothough i was not so much connected before during medical student life but now it is like totally disconnected….

It has been really good time and i m hoping to have some more exciting experience in future worth sharing:P



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