GLimpse of Final year

Published March 10, 2016 by Murk Shaikh

Well, I must say this was the best time that we had in our one week Anesthesia rotation  and its making me sad that it is over, it,s not like i want to opt it as a field in future but the fun that we had is completely unforgettable. The best moment was when i passed the the endo-tracheal tube for the first time in my life on a live patient, my hands were shaking at first and heart beating fast,(since i was doing it for the first time) but then i passed it in a go, and i was so much happy:)

I have always been allergic to operation theater, i must say i m extra sensitive to its smell, and it is nauseating sometimes, but i have become used to it now.

Teachers we had were very fond of teaching, and they were very friendly that we were always comfortable with them. I always had problem in calculating the dose of drug making me feel that i m losing it with maths.:P

One of the other best moment was the way they resuscitated a woman who was in cardiac arrest in labor, they brought in OT doing CPR and immediately did emergency C-section, baby was out but he had no cardiac activity they immediately passed endotracheal tube and O2 saturation was achieved to be 100, this was really amazing of them to resuscitate the baby as well as mother on time.

An old lady of around 90 years of age with Anaplastic Ca of thyroid came for the tracheostomy in OT with Lt vocal cord paralysis, this was also one of the interesting case. Overall the whole week was full of fun and interesting cases that we had, this is the fun about being posted in Anesthesia that you can keep on looking different things happening around.

I m really loving it, i like it to be in the clinic, initially i found final year to be boring, but now we enjoy every moment in the clinic with the patients, and it is the wonderful feeling that you have when you actually cure your patients.

I hope i m going to have some more fun in the future>>>


4 comments on “GLimpse of Final year

  • You’re right. For some reason it feels like that what we learned over these past few days is something that would have taken weeks in any other clinic. Seeing and feeling things so clearly for the first time, like viewing the epiglottis and vocal cords through a laryngoscope and feeling that stone-hard anaplastic thyroid tumor, were definitely moments of wonder. And on top of that, I never realised how much we were able to enjoy a subject like anesthesia, in which we do not even plan to pursue a career, simply because our teachers were so unbelievably amazing, kind, patient, and well…….teacherly, if that’s even a word! Anyways, I’m sure that the rest of our time in surgery will be just as or even more enjoyable Insha’ Allah.

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