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Published December 21, 2015 by Murk Shaikh

I m going to write about the story of a girl Name Eliza, She was a girl with big dreams, she lived in a small town in Pakistan, belonged from a Middle class family.
When she was born her grandfather passed away, her uncle had  to suffer from some business crisis so she was considered to be the curse for the whole family, Nobody liked her, no one invited her to the weddings birthday parties because people thought that if she was to come to their place it will bring some bad luck also along with her.
She felt depressed all the time, and she started to live her life in Isolation, she was the lonely soul, most of her time she spent crying feeling upset, and she was unable to concentrate on her studies too, she only went to school to pass the exams.
Eliza,s mother was the only person in the world who had the faith in her, she never considered her daughter to be the curse for the family, because she knew that it is all foolish to think like that.
Eliza wanted to get rid of that environment so she started to apply abroad for scholarship, she sent multiple emails to different Universities but she didn’t get any positive response because her Academic record was not acceptable to provide her scholarship.
She tried harder and when she was rejected from everywhere, she wrote in her emails that “Today I know that I m really a bad luck to everything and nothing good can happen to me”
As a response to that email, Eliza got the reply in which The University of Manchester in UK sent her the acceptance letter telling her that she is selected and has to get ready to come aboard.
Eliza was sitting on stairs when she checked that email, she didn’t believed at first that this is happening to her, and she screamed in joy, everybody looked at her with surprise, her granny again looking at her with anger as she never liked Eliza, Eliza ran and told her mother, Her mother was overjoyed and finally Eliza,s life started to change and she started to do her shopping, those were the happiest days of her life.
Finally the day came when she got the flight and flew away to a strange world. When she reached there one of the girls came to pick her, she was the one who arranged scholarship for her, they collected funds for her to call her there, later she came to know that there were other deserving students on the list but she was selected because of that desperate email sent about her suicidal thoughts, so they collected funds from family and friends and called her there.
After landing there, her life took a turn and she was introduced to a new world, where she was no more considered a bad Omen and She lived her life concentrating on her studies, she also realized that unlike Pakistan people who live abroad don,t feel shame in doing small jobs like a waiter/waitress in restaurant or a dish cleaner or babysitter. She also had to do a job too along with studying and by her hard work things started to change, her life changed.
So, nothing can defeat you, unless you want to get defeated by something, difficulties always come in your ways and sometimes you feel so desperate that you want to end everything but then after sometime bad days are over. This is what life is combination of bad and good days. Never lose hope and pass through your bad days like a warrior so that you can enjoy your good days like a king:)