Medicine Ward (fourth year)

Published April 18, 2015 by Murk Shaikh

Field of Medicine is Love sometimes, and best thing about being in student life is You can make mistakes they are excused,If you don’t know every word and every single detail of diseas then that’s fine and acceptable after all you are in the stage of learning.

I am posted in Medicine ward and i m going to share couple of experiences that I had and

i m going to remember always:)

1. We were in the Medicine ward and one of the Teachers asked us to take the histories, and we were suppose to take them individually. So i went to a patient He was really old around 80 years He was suffering from CA Prostate. I started to ask questions regarding his illness starting from Bio data and presenting complaints. He told me about his details of his symptoms. When i Started to ask about the past history He told me that He had TURP. i was quite surprised as i heard that word for the first time. I asked him what is TURP?? he told me that TURP is Trans urethral resection of Prostate And its a surgical procedure in which you remove some tissue of the gland. I was quite surprised that few of the patients know alot even more than doctors regarding their diseases, they have searched so much about it Thanks to GOOGLE ofcourse that they become the perfect teacher for medical students. As it is said that patient is the best teacher, I totally agree with it.

2. Again in the Medicine ward we were taking the round when there was patient suffering from Increased uric acid level. On inquiry he said that there was a stone stucked in his Unirnary passage. There was an optical Urethrogram in his files, me and my friend were discussing that and looking at the constriction, when he said Can i explain this to you? we agreed and he told us that how the stone was stucked and when it was removed it caused damage to surrounding mucosa producing fibrous bands and those fibrous bands produced strictures blocking the passage of urine and how he got operated by removal of those fibrous bands by endoscopic knife.

3. A patient suffering from cervical sponylotic myelopathy, we were taking the ward round when he said Doctor Do u know there is a Treatment to my problem? and we said What is that? he said it is PRP (platelate rich plasma) all you need to do is to take the patient,s blood centrifuge it and inject it in the intervertebral spaces it is going to release certain cytokines that provide strength to your vertebra and it,s quite successful in United states.

Again this was surprising because many of the patients here are not well aware enough about their problems they dont know how and what to do to maintain their health, I was really happy to see that they know enough about their problems and they know how to deal with it. We always see on T.v and read in newspapers that the health condition of our country is not so good.Kids are dieing because they are not vaccinated properly, we are among those countries who have failed to eradicate POLIO yet, but looking at the positive side we also have people who along with being educated are well awared of themselves.

If we educate our people properly and provide them with proper treatment along with counselling and telling them about their disease, we can make them better. By education doesnt mean that we need to send our people to expensive schools, colleges and universities,our job will be fulfilled if we properly inform and give a little time to our patients and explain to them what is wrong with them and how they can prevent themselves.

I hope to see this change in every person around….:)


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