Published December 17, 2013 by Murk Shaikh

Why is it that we start to feel worth of things when we lose them or when we see them out of our reach?

Everytime we go out or we look at other people,s belonging may it be their property, fancy things or anything like that, we envy it we say why dont we have that thing?

or sometime when we are working for something so hard, making all of our efforts and praying hard to get that thing and at the end if we don’t get that we blame on Allah pak for not fulfilling our prayers.

we lose our trust on Him, our prayers become shorter we lose our belief this is what happens to many of us, but Do we ever stop for a While and Thank Allah for those countless blessings?

Why do we complain for those few things that we haven’t got in this life and neglecting those millions and billions of blessings that are giving to us even without asking him for them?

Allah pak has been bestowing us with so many things we take things for granted, we will only realize their worth when they are lost.. Say for example we are given two eyes, do we Thank Allah for this? Can you get them back when they are lost?

Do we think what our life would be if we don’t have our eyes..

This life is an Exam what ever we get here is for testing us that how we are going to be with that? Are we going to use that thing positively in helping others or we are just going to harm people with whatever is given to us?

Allah pak makes us happy and he wants us to be thankful to him and he makes us Sad to do Sabr and shukar.

Nothing can happen against His will, even a leaf cannot fall against his will then why do we think that whatever harm we get from people or whenever we feel sad is not from Allah pak, or whatever happiness we get is not from Him, Infact He is the

one who by bringing different situations checks us that who is the most pious and believing amongst us.

Its the responsibility of each of us to be good and to do good, by this only we will be prosperous in this world and the other world too, instead of feeling jealous of others we should try to look at our own blessings.

Sometimes we are unsatisfied with our lives while many people in this world are dreaming of living our lives:)

So Be happy and always be thankful:)




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