Missing friends.

Published December 12, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

I am really missing my old friends, We usually think in a period of time that our relationship is going to last forever, but the truth is nothing lasts forever, We are so busy with our present that we can only manage to keep our past in the diaries, memories. There is no more place for the ones who were ones a very important part:)

change is the only thing that is permanent, and its all the game of replacement. In the cycle of replacement we can replace everything even love and friendship too, and things have to go like this. Every one has to move on even me too, i have also moved on and i am missing them when i have nothing else to do.

They are remembered only in leisure time. With time people change their thoughts, their likes and dislikes and priorities too, the things that were on the top of the priority list sometimes come in the bottom.

I dont know why we alwasy Move on:(


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