A visit to hospital

Published December 12, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

I have heard people saying “One person can,t bring  change in  the whole world” let the things go as they are going.

But why not? why a single person can,t change the world, Someone will have to take the stand, afterall at the time of independence when there were very few of the people who by their utmost struggle brought this country to appear on the map of world.

i m hopeful for a better day, but today i m feeling disappointed, for whatever i saw.

I being a medical student tried to utilize my winter holidays in some productive way, So i decided to join hospital for Volunteer/electives, I was very much excited as it was the first time that i was going in a hospital as a volunteer, and it was surely first time to encounter patients in medical practice. It was going to be a big day for me.

Few of my friends suggested me to visit government hospitals, because as compared to private sector in government hospitals we can easily approach patients and they can easily let us treat them because they are very innocent to differentiate between a well qualified doctor and a learning student,  so i decided to visit one of them.

The time i reached there i was very much confused by the situation. Patients were standing in big lines, waiting for their turn, some were lying in the corridor, some were waiting for the doctors for a long time but there was no one to look after them. They were in pain but it was more like a sabzi mandi than a hospital where you buy your desired things in cheap prices rather than a patient care department. It was first time for me to visit any government hospital i have been listening about their condition from my relatives, family members and friends, but sometimes the things that we ourselves experience are more intense than any one else,s experience.

I have been looking for someone who could guide me whom should I talk to  for the student elective, no one was directing to proper place, some asked me to go first floor, some 3rd and some 2nd floor, And when we asked them about the desired person there they said, he has not come yet, he is away, he is supposed to come on round but havent reached yet. He can be here anytime. The only thing that i was thinking was what about the patients? what if the doctor does not reach on time and patient loses his life?

I spent my whole day but could not find anyone who actually could guide us. I was tired enough but i didn,t give up, Somewhere inside i thought that we can still have our own identity without any persenol contacts. I kept on trying following whatever they were saying, atlast when i managed to talk to one of the doctors he was annoyed and was talking very rudely. He was not at all cooperative. At that time my i felt maybe if i had any persenol contact or my chaachu, maamu was an employee there i could easily get an opportunity there, because i had heard that they offer volunteer work to Students and provide them a certificate too.  At that time I was very much disappointed because i thought if i do a little struggle I will get some positive response.

In Our educational period we are trained about ethics and good behaviour. We are taught about the attributes of a good doctor, a doctor is not only one who has knowledge but he should be care provider, decision maker, communicator, community leader… etc etc



Apart from this we are constantly taught to approach patients from right side, to ask their permission before approaching them, to make them feel comfortable but in real training hospitals maybe doctors forget their ethics or they dont think it that much important, they consider it as their business and only a way of making money.

At that time all these things seemed bookish, as there is nothing in real.

i have been listening to people saying, You must have some source/reference when you are going anywhere for work, even if you go for check up you should know the doctor and doctor should know you persenoly, even though we do pay for it,  people behave properly if only they know us.

In my opinion if a doctor is polite with the patients and he treats them properly he can cure half of their problem, and patient feels relieved. if those patients who are coming in private sector hospital are deserved to be treated properly then same should be in government sector what if patients don,t pay the huge amount but doctor are getting double the salary as a private sector doctor is,  sometimes the only thing that patients need is a little bit care, some soft words, a little counselling. But if the doctor is harsh and he thinks by becoming the doctor he has conquered the whole world and he is the emperor then he is wrong. there is a saying that “If you find people admiring you remember it,s only because Allah has hidden you bad qualities from them”

The only solution to this problem is Honesty, care, affection, sympathy. We shouldn,t forget that we are the chosen ones Allah pak has chosen us to be saviour of someone,s life. We should be thankful to him rather than being rude and proud. Before misbehaving with any one and showing disgrace to anyone we must think what if someday our own sister, brother, father or mother is in this situation helpless, poor, not awared of the  things. I sometimes really feel sympathy for those who just get overexcited when someone talks to them properly.Ofcourse noone is poor by their own choice. but it,s our duty to encourage them, to bring confident in them, to make our country peaceful. And if each one of us becomes honest and kind hearted i m sure the better future of Pakistan is not very far.







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