Published December 11, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

I have heard people saying “One person can,t change the whole world” let the things go as they are going.

But why not? why  a single person can,t change the world, i m hopeful for a better day, but today i m feeling disappointed, for whatever i saw.

I being a medical student tried to utilize my holidays in some productive way, So i decided to join hospital for Volunteer/elective, I was very much excited as it was the first time that i was going in a hospital as a volunteer.

Few of my friends suggested me to visit government hospitals, so i decided to visit one of them.  The time i reached there i was very much confused by the situation. Patients were standing in big lines, waiting for their turn, some were lying in the corridor, some were waiting for the doctors for a long time but there was no one to look after them.

I have been  looking for someone who could guide me whom should I talk for the student elective, no one was directing to proper place, some asked me to go first floor, some 3rd and some 2nd floor, And when we asked them about the desired person there they said, he has not come yet, he is away, he is supposed to come on round but havent reached yet.

I spent my whole day but could not find anyone who actually could guide us.

i have been listening to people saying, You must have some source/reference when you are going anywhere for work, even if you go for check up you should know the doctor and doctor should know you persenoly, even though we do pay for it, but only people behave properly if only they know us.

I wish we could just eliminate Dishonesty, lie, fraud, robbery, disgrace, and all kind of bad things.

feeling very disappointed.:(



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