Published October 12, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

I dont know whats happening in our country? why is it happening ? Who is doing? and for how long it is going to continue here…

i feel sad but at the same time i am happy that in the country like ours we have some people around who can make a difference, who can make things better again. Who fight for the rights who raise their voice for the change.

Malala Yousafzai 14 years old girl…… i m forced to think that if a child who is just 14 years old has some sense , sense of how the education is going to make our country prosperous and developed then why don,t the other people who are called as so called leaders, who has some authority, who are responsible for all these suffering don,t they feel need of  the basic needs of our people, dont they even have feelings that how people are not getting their basic rights, how they are deprived of a good lifestyle, a peaceful place where they dont have to be fearful, where they dont keep their lives at risk all the time? where they can do whatever they want? I dont think we are demanding for a very highly luxurious lifestyle with 2 4 merceedes to ride in? we want a place full of peace, free of explosions, blasts, firing and other disputes.

And What are we representing ourselves to be as Pakistanis? what are showing to other countries that we are so called muslims who kill those people who fight for their rights, who fight for the human education. Do we want to show how discouraging we are when someone does something extraordinary?

Waiting for some change.


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