We come across …

Published August 10, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

We come across many things in our lives, happiness, sorrows, joy… Its human nature that at the time of joy we forget our Beloved Allah pak, We forget that He is only one who loves us the most without any persenol benefit, He has no selfishness and even if we pray and do good deeds they are even going to be beneficial for us in this world and also in the hereafter.

sometimes we are so lost in this world that we forget to Thank him, we forget about the unconditional love that He has for us, We forget that He is the Most Merciful Allah who loves us 7o times more than our mother and who remembers us all the time.

Unfortunately we remember him only when something is out of our reach or something is gone out of our lives, Even then He Blesses us, although He knows that once we get that we,ll be lost once again..!!

May Allah Pak blesses us to remember him always all the time at the time of sorrow and joy Ameen!


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