” Biochemistry OSPE”

Published June 1, 2012 by Murk Shaikh

31st May 2012 came home in a hurry to prepare OSPE exam that was going to be held on the following day i.e, 1st June 2012.

Studied almost everyting that was supposed to come but unfortunately luck was not on my side and paper came Unexpected, some of the questions were from somewhere outside:p While giving the exam one of the teacher said ” Beta why are you so disoriented i wanted to say Ma,m i m not Disoriented th question paper is:P

Viva was pretty good maybe because of the way examiner treats you really matters in Viva Exam.

Viva exam was conducted by one of my favourite teachers and when i went to her station she said “Murk That,s My GIrl” I really felt Great:p

Overall the exam was fine but i Expected to do beter than what I have done, i was really disappointed because i did some of the mistakes because i didnt know the asnwer of some of the questions then one my fellow said a Beautiful thing that “Gardener,s Work is to Water the Plants and then its Allah,s Task to grow Beautiful flowers and fruits”

So i must work hard and leave the rest on Allah pak instead of getting disappointed, and each things gives us a listen a difficult paper teaches us to study broadly instead of relying on one or two books:)



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